TFT Modules Touch Modules OLED Modules Camera Modules Fingerprint Identification Custom Products
Smart Phone Solutions Automotive Applications Full Product Customization
Display Product

  • Full In -cell Technology
  • High NTSC Display Technology
  • 2K High Definition Display
  • UV Photo Alignment +Negative LC
  • Flexible AMOLED Display
  • Smart Watch Solution

Touch Panel Product


Lens Product

  • Colorized Lens
  • EF Sheet
  • Patterned Glass Shell

Compact Camera Product

  • Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) Camera
  • Module
  • Dual Autofocus Camera Module
  • Phase Detection Auto-Focus ( PDAF)
  • Camera Module
  • Array Camera Module

Laminating Technology

  • Zero Black Bezel Lamination

Biological Recognition Technology

  • Iris Identification
  • Fingerprint Identification
Total Solutions of Automotive Products

  • Integrated Display for Dashboard
  • HUD (Head Up Display)
  • Smart Rearview Mirror
  • Auto-dimming Rearview Mirror
  • TP Surface Micro-nano Treatment
  • TBN (True Black Negative)
  • Automotive Cameras
  • Camera Modules with Ethernet Interface
Truly Americas sales and engineering team have the expertise to advise and build your required solution.

We specialize in highly customizable solutions. Monochrome, Graphic LCD, TFT LCD, OLED, AMOLED, Capacitive Touch Modules and Compact Camera Modules. Customization of the glass panel, brightness to the connector. Custom FPC, size, shape, and interface.If no standard solution fits your planned design, please feel free to submit your custom request by clicking here.

Internet of Thing (lOT) Applications
Fully Customized Solutions for lOT

  • Free Viewing Angle Mono TFT Display
  • Transflective TFT Display Technology
  • Smart Key Display Technology
  • Complete Solution of Touch Panel
  • Solutions of Differentiated Cameras
  • Control Module Solution of Smart Household
  • Human-Computer Interaction Solution of Smart Household
  • Human-Computer Interaction Solution of Smart Industry
  • Human-Computer Interaction Solution of Smart Medical
  • Human-Computer Interaction Solution of Smart Office
  • Core Components Solutions of UAV
  • Components Solutions of Robot