Truly History

Year 1991
Truly Semiconductors ltd. was established.
Truly set up the 1st TN-LCD Line.

Year 1995
Starting CSTN-LCD business and became the earliest manufacturer to set up the CSTN-LCD Line in Greater China.

Year 1997
Setting up COG , FOG lines for LCM assembly.

Year 2001
Mass producing CSTN-LCD Module in application of mobile phone/ MP3.

Year 2003
Obtained Kodak OLED license and set up PM-OLED line.
Mass producing TFT-LCD Module in application of mobile phone.

Year 2004
Truly began developing and producing TFT module in application of Industrial and Medical Products.

Year 2009
Developing on-cell touch PM-OLED.
The COB line started production.
Starting production of CTP plating line, Truly mastered the technology of whole production process.

Year 2005
Setting up the 2nd CSTN-LCD line and started mass production.

Year 2007
Setting up the 1st TFT-LCD line and started mass production in July which is mainly applied to Auto, Industrial and Medical products.
Truly began to develop System Integrated Module.

Year 2008
Constructing department management system by different applications of products.
Mass producing Shutter Glasses type 3D LCD glasses panel.
The 2nd Expansion  phase of TFT-LCD Line was completed to raise Capacity.

Year 2009
Set up the 3rd CSTN-LCD line with ODF technology.

Year 2010
Setting up  the 5th / 6th Passive LCD (TN\FSTN\CSTN) lines for 3D LCD glasses.

Year 2011
By injecting into Hannstar(HSD), Truly was ensured to get HSD’s capacity support and started to enter medium—large size display business field.

Year 2012
Mass produce Naked 3D Display, which are applied to mobile phones, tablet PC , etc. [ Cell-matrix parallax barrier display technology.

Year 2013
Mass producing On-cell TFT display Modules for mobile phones
MP of  Naked 3D Display for Smart phone & Tablet PC
Widest range  of FHD products (1080*1920) 4.7/5/5.5/6/6.4”
Truly (Hui Zhou) Smart Display Ltd.,which devote to the 4.5G AMOLED and TFT display successfully developed the Auto-Diming RearViewing Mirror(ADM)

Year 2014
MP of  Quad-HD Display for Smart phone successfully developed HUD(Head-up Display)